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Cook and live HEALTHY - Ayurvedic weekend

Everything you need to know to start on the path of Ayurveda! 

Ayurveda is the "art of life" and the science of health, which can help you through different aspects of your life to make healthier choices according to your specific needs. This weekend we will learn about our body and mind type (dosa) and learn how to stay balanced with the help of Ayurvedic tips. mentally and physically in everyday life (nutrition, daily routine, exercise, meditation).



Cooking and baking workshop: 


We prepare some very simple and healthy recipes together and we also learn which spices, herbs and appropriate foods should be consumed according to the different doshas and the seasons. 

These vegetarian recipes are derived from traditional Iranian and Indian recipes, modified into a more modern and simple version.


2 soups

2 roasted dishes (Curry) 

2 types of bread

Cream that can be spread on 2 breads

2 desserts (You can take home a box of healthy chocolates for Santa!) 


Yoga and meditation:


Ayu-yoga sessions include mantra, mudra, kriya, asana, guided relaxation, pranayama and meditation practice taking into account the 5 main elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether) in order to balance the doshas. This weekend we can learn about the practice of the 3 main doshas - vata, pitta and kapha - and yoga nidra.

Yoga nidra is the yogi's sleep - an extremely effective yoga technique of deep relaxation, where we can also touch the subconscious layers - we can dissolve fixations and program new intentions. The new Moon is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your intentions and this weekend the universe presents us with a Super New Moon! 



Friday December 3


14- Arrival


15-16:30 Ayurvedic type analysis - daily routine 


16:30-18 Cooking workshop


18-19 Dinner 


20- Ayu- yoga



Saturday December 4


7-8 Ayu-yoga 


8-9:30 Breakfast preparation and consumption 


11-13 Cooking workshop


13-14 Lunch 


14-16 free programs


16-18 Cooking Workshop


18-19 Dinner 


20-21 Yoga Nidra 



Sunday December 5 


7-8 Ayu-yoga 


8-9:30 Breakfast preparation and consumption 


11-13 Cooking workshop


13-14 Lunch


14:30-17 Cookie workshop


17- 18 Closing ceremony 



Price: HUF 36,000
Registration deadline: November 22

We look forward to seeing you! 


Arghavan Shekari 
Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, Ayurvedic masseuse 

Janetka Nellie
Yoga instructor, Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, Thai and Ayurvedic masseuse, Yoga Nidra instructor


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