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Women's Health

The wisdom of the yoni is about how to reveal your feminine powers through the healing of feminine fragility. This requires deep self-care. Knowing that the yoni is the gateway to the inner temple, you must try to protect it on every level of your being. It is necessary to care for this physical sanctuary, to fill the womb in the inner sanctum, to reconnect with the rhythms of the moon, to practice rituals and ceremonies that protect your sacred yoni, if you wish to evoke the power of Shakti within yourself.” - Maya Tiwari 


The energy of the Garbashaya/Yoni or the womb:


Since the uterus is an open space, it can absorb many things energetically, so it is especially recommended to develop a deeper relationship with it and learn to protect it. Girls should be taught this from a young age, so that they don't just start dealing with it before starting a family. In ancient Vedic times, the time of menstruation was celebrated. He was taught to appreciate, respect and love the female womb. Connected to this area is the second chakra or the energy of creativity, pleasure, which many women experience as a shame due to family patterns, sexual trauma or cultural reasons.

Traumas and past experiences may have left an impression in this area. By releasing and cleaning these with help and support, we can invite new seeds and positive intentions.  

Creativity is closely connected with fertility - this is the power of Shakti, which is rooted in the feminine essence, in prakriti - our true nature. By reclaiming the ancient customs that deeply valued this energy, we can connect to this force that brings vitality, radiance, and balance to our true selves. 

All people come into the world from the sacred space of the yoni, which is the place of buddhi, intuition. 🙏🏼🕉

I look forward to meeting you if you are looking for a solution to restore the balance of the uterus, menstruation, breasts or hormones, to increase fertility or to alleviate menopause symptoms.


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Counseling is available online or in person in Bonyhád, Pécs and Budapest.

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