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Nelli and Alexan

Kornelia Janetka ~ Nelli


She has gained interest in holistic practices about 14 years ago, mostly because she had suffered from insomnia and anxiety due to her previous hectic lifestyle. She found peace and healing through breathing exercises and meditation techniques. Experiencing such a huge shift in her well-being she ended up studying different holistic practices to be able to help others as well. When she was introduced to thai massage she knew it was her path to get on. She believes it is much more than just a massage, rather it is a very efficient way for the energy to move, flow and work through the body releasing blockages and activating one's self-healing powers. She completed a 300-hour training at the Toronto School of Thai Massage in 2014, which included the following areas: Traditional Thai massage, Therapeutic Thai massage, ‘SEN’ line therapy, Dynamic Thai massage, Thai massage for pregnant and elderly, and Thai Herbal massage. Her other two “passions” are Yoga and Ayurveda, which have brought a profound transformation to her life through their daily practice. Since 2016, she has been a student and instructor on this wonderful journey, the wisdom of which she shares with others from the heart. She teaches Hatha (200 hours - Asram Yoga Studio, Budapest, 2016), Ayurvedic (100 hours - Jai Wellness, Toronto, 2018), Vinyasa yoga (20 hours - MazeOn Yoga, 2019) and Yoga Nidra (50 hours - Jai Wellness, 2020). She is currently taking a 300 hour Ayurveda & Yoga Teacher Training (Jai Wellness). She is a nature lover and a traveller with interest in permaculture lifestyle (100 hours - PDC course - O 'Fojo Permaculture, 2019).

Alexandra Aguiar


Alexa offers treatments in Mexico City. She specializes in Thai massage (Nuad Spamovil), Reiki (Mexican college of Reiki), Phytotherapy (Shakti foundation), Personal training and she's a Chiropractic student. She has been on this path of self-knowledge for more than 6 years while helping others through her therapies. She is happy to share her experience and knowledge with others, thus helping them on this wonderful journey that has brought her so much joy so far. In addition to therapies, Alexa and Nelli also organize holistic workshops and retreats. Learn more about Alexa and her treatments at

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